Mark Stopa Crimes

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Mark Stopa Crimes

It Appears Mark Stopa Never Knows When To STFU

Everyone knows that Mark Stopa never knows when to shut up. After all, that would take basic common sense and self control. Two things we all know Mark Stopa desperately lacks. 

A perfect example of this is from 2014. An angry Stopa wrote his true feelings about a judge in a motion.

This wasn’t about any judge. It was the judge presiding over one of his cases. Stopa was dumb enough to think the judge wasn’t going to read it. 

Sure enough, the judge read it. He then filed a complaint with the Florida Bar. Little did Stopa know at the time but this was the beginning of the end of legal career. Five years later, he would find himself disbarred and under an FDLE investigation.

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