Mark Stopa Crimes

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Mark Stopa Crimes

Pete Drug Addicts Feed Their Drug Addictions

Yes, its true. Mark Stopa once helped St. Petersburg’s army of homeless drug addicts feed their addictions.

Back in June 2014, Stopa was flush with cash from scamming his foreclosure clients. So, he decided to show the world what an awesome caring guy he was. So, he calls up a local TV station and tells them he’s going to pull a Don Ameche from the 1980s movie, Cocoon. He’s going to give way free $100 bills to random homeless people in Williams Park.

Anyone who lives in Florida knows that most of the homeless here have serious drug addiction issues. Namely, crack, meth, opioids, etc. Basically, drugs that make people violently unpredictable when they come down from their high. If you have ever experienced someone jonesing from crack or meth, it’s not a pretty sight. You need to stay far away from these people. They become violent. They could possibly harm you to steal whatever possessions you have. They’ll take anything of value and trade it for drugs.

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