Former Mark Stopa Clients Could Be Entitled To Compensation

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Are you a former client of Mark Stopa client or a client of The Stopa Law Firm?  Or are you a recent victim of a Mark Stopa fraud on the court scam?

Did Mark Stopa steal your home out from under you? Did he rip you off?

Did Mark Stopa lie and conceal an approved loan modification that would have saved your home?

Do you feel Mark Stopa deceived you in any way?

Well, you may be luck. Former Mark Stopa clients and scam victims, or their heirs may be entitled to compensation.

However, you must act before June 1, 2024.

Yes, you heard that right. However, you are probably asking yourself, “How do I get my money back from this scam artist son of a bitch?” 

You need to complete a two-step process to see if you qualify. 

The 2-Step Process To Get Compensated If You Are A Former Client Of Mark Stopa 

Step 1: Contact FDLE and File A Criminal Complaint

Contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) in Tampa at 813.878.7300.

Ask the secretary to speak to the Special Agent in charge of the ongoing Mark Stopa Crime Family Investigation.  You will be directed to the Special Agent that is heading up the racketeering investigation into all of Mark Stopa’s statewide scams.

Tell the Special Agent that you were a former client of Mark Stopa’s law firm or you are a victim of one of his many fraud on the court scams.  Ask him if you can file a criminal complaint with him or if you have to do with in county where you live.

You may have to file it where you live and then give the Special Agent the incident police report number. He may also ask you to send him a copy of the report.

When filing the report, also make sure you are as detailed as possible about dates and what criminal scumbag Mark Stopa told you or did to you.

Law enforcement will also want to see any documentation you have. 

Step 2: Contact The State Bar of Florida

Okay, here is what you do after you have filed a criminal complaint.

You call the State Bar of Florida’s ACAP hotline at 866.332.0707. ACAP stands for Attorney/Consumer Assistance Program. You can also fill out a complaint form at their website here

The Florida Bar is very aware of Mark Stopa and his past. They have a 35,000 page file on him including 50+ bar complaints from 2012 through 2018. All of this led to the Florida Supreme Court permanently revoking Stopa’s law license in 2019. In addition, they also have several open investigations against him for Unlicensed Practice of Law.

You are probably wondering why should you contact the Florida Bar if Mark Stopa is no longer a licensed attorney. Well, the answer to that is quite simple. 

The Florida Bar Requires Florida Lawyers To Have IOTA Accounts

The Florida Bar requires all Florida lawyers (including Stopa at the time) to have an IOTA account. An IOTA account is an interest bearing bank account monitored by the Florida Bar. Why does the Florida Bar monitor this account? This is because attorneys have to pay the interest from the account to the Florida Bar. 

These monies then get pooled together and put into what is known as the Clients’ Security Fund. This fund then goes to victims of unscrupulous attorneys like Stopa. 

The Stopa Law Firm raked in tens of millions of dollars from his clients from 2008 until September 2018 when the firm filed bankruptcy.

Thus, the Florida Bar was raking in the dough from Stopa from the interest on his IOTA account. This is one of the reasons they were reluctant to disbar him in 2014 and 2018. They only disbarred him because they realized they didn’t have a choice.

Pretty much every judge in Florida read Fraud Dossier 1.0. As a result, an army of judges demanded Stopa be disbarred.

It’s Not Too Late To Make A Claim To The Florida Bar Security Fund

The nice women who answer the phone at the Florida Bar will forward you to a link a page on the Florida Bar’s website that contains the Client’s Security Fund.

The page has a list of the items you need to file a claim. The Florida Bar will only cover any legal fees you paid to Stopa and his law firm.

Keep in mind, two things. The fund is discretionary. This means the fund is not obligated to pay any claim. Also keep in mind that the claim could take up to a year to process. So, you need to be diligent and act like a bill collector and call them once a month. 

However, keep in mind, the Florida Bar’s website does say:

The Clients’ Security Fund will not consider a claim against a member who is in good standing and eligible to practice law. Discipline in the form of a suspension, disbarment or revocation is a prerequisite to a claim being considered, unless the attorney is deceased.

However, due to the severity of the problem Mark Stopa created on the Florida judicial system, they may make an exception for you. Several Mark Stopa victims have told us that the Florida Bar did make an exception for them. Therefore, we recommend contacting the Florida Bar and finding out.

Tips If You Decide To Sue Mark Stopa for CIVIL THEFT From People In Litigation With Him Now.

Unfortunately, if you lost your home because of Stopa’s negligence or his fraudulent activity, you’ll have to file a lawsuit against Stopa, his wife, Adrienne Federico (or any other individuals involved). In addition to the LLC that bought the house. 

Under the Civil Theft statute in Florida, when there is a pattern of CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, you can file a civil theft lawsuit and recover up to 3x the actual amount of your damages.

How Much Could I Collect?

Great question.  For example, let’s say Mark Stopa stole the deed to your home five years ago and has skimmed $350,000 in rents that should have gone to you and your family.  Under the Civil Theft statutes in Florida, you can sue Mark Stopa for over $1 Million in damages.   

Or let’s say you were one of the many auction buyers who were scammed by Mark Stopa with his fraud on the court foreclosure surplus scam and lost $200,000.    You could sue Stopa for Civil Theft and potentially recover over $600,000 in damages plus attorney fees.

And since Mark Stopa’s crimes are out in the open now, and he is very close to being indicted – you will have a very high likelihood of prevailing with a jury.   And the best part is since it is such a slam dunk case, any trial attorney in Florida would be willing to take on your case on a contingency where you pay nothing unless they are successful in collecting against Stopa. 

If you do decide to file a lawsuit against Mark Stopa or one of his LLCs, you also need to keep these 6 important things in mind:

1. Statute of Limitations

You only have 6 years to file the lawsuit after your most recent loss.  This includes damaging your credit.   So, if Mark Stopa obstructed your mortgage lender to skim rents for the last several years and the home just went to foreclosure, the date of the foreclosure would be your most recent loss as it was reported to your credit.  So even if Mark Stopa stole the deed to your home several years ago – you still have a valid claim against him.    And if Mark Stopa still owns your home and is continuing to obstruct the foreclosure, skim the rents and destroy your credit, you are in good shape to sue him for civil theft as each month he equity skims rent, it is a new crime that keeps the case alive.  

2. Make sure you hire a lawyer who isn’t afraid of Mark Stopa.

Do not file the lawsuit pro-se. Stopa is a disbarred lawyer and he will use all sorts of underhanded “gotcha” tricks to fool judges.  He does anything he can to win at any cost including committing fraud on the court.

3. Name Stopa’s Alter Ego LLCs and His Co-Conspirator Wife Adrienne Federico personally

This is extremely important!   Stopa HIDES behind a number of fraudulent alter ego shell companies.   But since he is engaging in a pattern of criminal activity and commingling funds with his personal accounts, those LLCs are viewed by the courts as an alter ego of Mark Stopa personally and provide no liability protection to him.   

So make sure you name the LLC. If it was Abpaymar, LLC or one of the other LLCs add his wife Adrienne Federico as a co-defendant. You may also want to include any other individuals in involved even if they are lawyers. This will force Stopa and his wife and/or other individuals to go hire lawyers. This is the fastest way to beat Mark Stopa.  His achilles heel is his mentally ill wife. 

If you name her in the lawsuit, Stopa will settle just so his wife doesn’t have testify or sit for a deposition. The attorney co-defendants may settle because it lead to a bar investigation into their practice.    World on the street is there are a number of civil theft lawsuits in the works for 2024 against Mark Stopa and Adrienne Federico, so don’t be afraid to file now.

4. Do Not Name Stopa Individually! Make Sure You Include The LLC and the Attorneys Involved In The Fraud!

DO NOT sue Mark Stopa individually! He’s is a unscrupulous and psychotic learned professional. He will represent himself pro-se. He isn’t afraid to do things in court that will get a licensed attorney disbarred. Yet, he does them anyway. Namely in the 6th Circuit because they seem to tolerate his bullshit. He also knows he can get away with it because he doesn’t have the Florida Bar looking over his shoulder.

He will countersue you and your attorney in order to create a conflict and force your attorney to withdraw.  This is how he wins.  With sneaky court tricks.  On any complaint, You must name Mark Stopa in this format:   “MARK STOPA operating under alter ego QUEST SYSTEMS LLC” etc.  (insert the name of the alter ego shell company that Stopa used to defraud you)   

By naming Mark Stopa in this fashion, you are really suing Mark Stopa personally through his alter ego scam LLC that he hides behind.  But when you name the alter ego LLC, disbarred attorney Mark Stopa will not be able to defend the LLC and will be forced to hire an attorney to defend the case.   

5. Stopa Also Likes To Judge Shop.

If one of his motions gets denied, he claims the judge is biased and tries to get the judge recused or disqualified. In other words, he judge shops!

6. Force Stopa To Hire Lawyer! You’ll Thank Us Later

Another reason, you want to force Stopa to hire a lawyer is because as a pro-se litigant Stopa will try to sue your lawyer. He does this for two reasons. The first and main reason is drive up your legal bill because your lawyer now has to defend himself and you. Guess what, you now have to pay for two lawsuits. The second reason is to intimidate your lawyer into quitting your case and to create a conflict of interest for your lawyer.

If a lawyer gets sued in Florida, they are required to notify their insurance carrier. Stopa knows this.  This will drive up their their insurance coverage. A licensed attorney would never do this because the Florida Bar considers it highly unethical and lawyer could get disbarred. 

Mark Stopa is going to be indicted very soon.   Once he is, there is going to be a flood of civil theft lawsuits against him.  So you will want to act now so you don’t miss out.   Claims attach to Stopa’s assets in the order in time they are entered.   So act now before the other victims perfect their claims against his hidden assets.

Don’t miss out.  Stopa also has millions in hidden assets. WE know where it is and we can help your attorney get it! If you are a Mark Stopa victim, that is YOUR MONEY!

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Let’s also take a moment of silence to remember the Mark Stopa Victims who lost millions to his scam over the last several months:

Mark Stopa Appears

Over $60 Million has been STOLEN by Mark Stopa and the Adrienne Federico Crime Family





This is just a small sample of victims. The Stopa-Federico Crime Family also has dozens of shell companies running the same scam in multiple counties throughout the State of Florida.

Are You A Victim Of One Of The Stopa-Federico Crime Family Real Estate Or Foreclosure Surplus Scams?   

Are you a former Mark Stopa client who lost their home?


Click here to contact FDLE today if you are victim of Mark Stopa or have further details about his scams.  Click here to message the Office of Statewide Prosecutor Direct.  You Can Also Contact Us Here.

You can also read more about Mark Stopa on

No More Tick Tock, You Dumbass Lying Thief. 

You are now out of time.

Let the show begin







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